Old gray woman with shaking hands

To the chills of wind
To the heights of hills
She was there
In her own freedom
Painting her dreams
With shaking hands
She has passion under her wrinkles
She has a dreamer in her eyes
She has fire in her soul
She has stiffness in her shaking hands
The vibrancy of her made me to sit vd her
I asked her “what’s in this painting ?”
She excitingly told me “that’s love by the colours, young lady”
I sense the vibes from her
I sense the wrapped emotions of her
I sense the love she carries
She told me…i was in love too when he was a gentleman”

I witnessed that love is in air
I witnessed that happiness in my soul
I danced with him under the stars
To the melody of the night
The spark in his eyes
The warmth of his skin
Shakes me within
The touch of his hand
The kiss on my lips
Makes everything feel fine
Vows were taken in
Life was shared
But i lost him, one day!
I lost the word OUR
I paint our dreams
I paint our love
I paint our emotions
I paint our togetherness
I paint our strength
I paint our life
That’s in real is eternal
Tears in her eyes expressed her loss
Smile on her face expressed her love
She painted my mind with love allover
She painted my soul with her emotions

Old gray woman with shaking hands painted me with the desire to fall in love…

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